Collars & Corsets

Corsets have made a huge comeback ever-since NYFW’17. There are a lot of variations like belted corsets or corset tops. Also I’m lovin’ the puffed up sleeves trend. I fell in love with this black top the moment i laid my eyes on it. I wore a plain white shirt inside the top. The fishnet socks adds an edge to the whole outfit.

Top: Zara // Shirt: Gap // Jean: Forever21 // Heels: Aldo // Watch : Fossil


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2 thoughts on “Collars & Corsets

  1. Rismin says:

    Assalam alaikum
    Ur blog is good and imformative for young ppl like us.
    Could you please share with me the make products tooo used for the above look.
    I have one more request ……please do add a make products too along with style n travel in ur blog …
    Have a nice day 😊


    • San says:

      Wa’alaikumassalam! I’m glad you like it 😀
      Yes,I will add all the makeup products for this look.
      In shaa Allah, I will add that too soon.
      Thanks a ton for your feedback. xx


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