Postcards from Greece – Santorini

The ferry took ages to reach from Athens –> Santorini. But it’s still an experience I would recommend. We reached late afternoon and took a bus to the hotel. I had booked Astir Thira Hotel, it was such a cute place with the most beautiful view!

(Tip: Book the volcano view room! Trust me it’s worth it!)



We ate at “Theonis” and it was THE BEST food we had during our stay.


When they say Santorini has one of the worlds best sunsets, they are not kidding! Every sunset was its own kind of beautiful.



Since we were staying in Fira Town everything was nearby our hotel.






So the next morning we walked up there and rented a car.





You can see people walk up the trial from FIRA-OIA. It’s a 3-4 hour-long hike so we didn’t opt for that.      We don’t have that kind of energy lol.


We went to Kamari Beach and it was our first time seeing a black sand beach! The sand felt sooo good (at first! 😛 ). Also we had an almost near death experience on a “Twister” ride :/ . So I would suggest you guys stay clear from that lol. There were so many pretty restaurants, souvenir stores etc.

ppetmpdup (1)






On our way back, we stopped somewhere in Pyrgos to catch the sunset.


All about Day 3 in Santorini is in my next post!



All posts are written honestly by the author. Photography subjected to copyright.


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