The Ordinary : AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

So this is my first time trying out a “The Ordinary” product. This brand has been popping up on my feed for over a year now and I finally decided to give it a go! A huge shoutout to Zaré mod! I’m so glad they decided to sell these unique skin care brands which I’ve been dying to get my hands on.


I wasn’t paid to do this review. I bought the product myself and this is my honest review.

First Impression of the Brand:

The brand has targeted all types of skin along with the end number of skin issues people face on a regular basis. They have made their products as extraordinary as possible keeping in mind the affordable prices. I find it extremely rare to find a brand that actually works and is affordable for everyone. Also an  is, they are cruelty free!

First Impression of the Product:

The packaging is very simple. It comes with a dropper on top. Very efficient and travel friendly. It contains about 30 ml.

What it contains:

  • 30% alpha hydroxyl acids (glycolic/lactic/tartaric/citric) – Exfoliates the skin’s superficial layer to reveal an even toned brighter skin.
  • 2% beta hydroxyl acid (salicylic acid) – Clears pore clogging.
  • Hyaluronic acid – helps in collagen production which keeps skin supple.
  • Vitamin b5 – Helps to moisturise, soothe, heal and regenerate skin.
  • Black carrot – Its an antioxidant which protects the skin from free radicals.
  • Tasmanian pepperberry – It reduces the irritation that might be created by the acids used.

So basically, this product has a deep exfoliation feature to improve the appearance of skin texture while fighting visible blemishes. It reduces fine lines and improves skin radiance provided you use it continuously.

Directions :

  • Use this in the PM.
  • Once a week! 
  • Clean face and wait till dry.
  • Apply THIN layer all over face. Avoid eye contour and contact with eye!
  • Do NOT leave on for more than 10 mins.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Use SUNSCREEN during sunlight exposure.

P.S: I would suggest doing a patch test before applying all over face. Slight tingling/burning sensation is normal (This can differ according to your pain threshold). But if it is alot, consult a physician. Limit sun exposure since your skin will be sensitive and it MIGHT cause sunburn.

Result & Review:

So after the first time I used this, I could see my skin was glowing and it felt like a babys butt literally! Over the week I could see slight difference in my texture. I did expect my skin to peel but it has’nt till now. Slightly grateful for that lol. My skin barely looks dull now and I love the glow (I mean who doesn’t?). I am still testing out whether this will reduce my acne scars. Oh well its just been 3 weeks, so I will come back with an updated review.


Sending Lots of Love and Good Skin!




2 thoughts on “The Ordinary : AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

  1. Aashiyana Thanveer says:

    That you soo much for sharing your experience. Even I have the same prob. Acne. And that too my skin is oily. I had tried salycilic peel for like 5-6 times . But then it still keeps on appearing again after a while. I also have scars from acne. I have consulted dermatologist but he gives medicines for acne and once I stop it it reappears. I have started taking homeopathic medicines and so acne is kinda like under control. But please help me with what to do about the scars ,blemishes and discolouration. Also please suggest if I should do microdermabrasion. I am 23. Please help me with the products to use as well. Thanku 😊

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    • San says:

      I personally think its alot of trial and error when it comes to skin care especially since no ones skin reacts to something the same way. I did do microdermabrasion but I was so focused on stopping acne alone so I didn’t notice changes in my existing scars or skin. For scars and pigmentation I use Vit C serum right now. Its a slow process but you will for sure see results. Much Love xx


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