My Skin Story I

Hello guysss!

I can’t promise that I’m back for sure but I will try to be more active here from now on. This is probably a way too late new year resolution which I’m sure I will regret not sticking to within a month.

Sooo I decided to answer this question a lot of you guys have been asking me for the past year now. Here goes…

I have had acne since my 7th grade, which means I started getting them right before I hit puberty (what a surprise lol). And to be honest I never knew such things existed until I got my first pimple smack dab right in the middle of my forehead. After the initial scare all I remember is my mom going through a phase where she would make me wear a million home-made masks every day. I hated every second of this. If you make a list of all home-made remedies I have done them all, from turmeric masks to substituting soap with gram flour to mud masks to red sandalwood masks (aka Raktha chandanam in malayalam). I have gone looking low-key yellow for weeks and nothing would change. It never helped decrease my breakouts, scars nothing. It would just aggravate my skin more. I’m not saying these remedies don’t work at all. They just didn’t do for me.

I still had acne and I reached a point where I didn’t care about my appearance at all. I consider this a good thing and I’m glad I didn’t feel ashamed about the way my skin looked which most people do but I just went a different way. There were always people around me who would tell me remedies to try or doctors to see. I even had a school teacher ask me to take leave from school because she thought I had chicken pox. People around me weren’t kind or even understanding and I didn’t expect them to be.

Fast forward to 2012, after going through a lot of dermatologists and money over the years this time I went to Kaya skin clinic and they suggested “Salicylic acid peel”, now this is a superficial peeling agent. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid or BHA which is what you see nowadays used as skin exfoliants or chemical peels. This procedure is done with more concentration and the percentage is increased with every treatment. So I think I had around 6 sessions each with an interval of 14 days. This worked like magic for me, the scars were there but there were no new breakouts and I was happy with that. But after a year or so I was back where I started and I went back to doing nothing again.

In 2015, my elder brother was getting married so I decided to give it another try and went for the same treatment again from Kaya Skin Clinic along with microdermabrasion. And again the same happened after a year.

This was a vicious cycle and if you’ve reached the end of this sad post, CONGRATS & thank you for sticking this far. Part 2 of this post will be coming soon!


2 thoughts on “My Skin Story I

  1. Mariyam says:

    I jus don’t know if I could relate more.
    My story has been the same. I have never really had a thought of sharing my story, but yeah yours makes me feel free to.
    So long story short, my skin too had been this harsh and I’m 18 now. It started during the time when I had hit puberty and I still suffer from severe acne. I have gone through several treatments but nothing has till now paid off. I have reached that point where I don’t really care about how things look or how things should be jus like u said which is a good thing. But sometimes it does bother u, a tad bit.
    Waiting for the part-2

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    • San says:

      I agree. To some extent our physical appearance does give us that shot of confidence we need just to brighten up our day. I’m so glad that you were able to share your story here. Thank you for reading my story! Much Love xx


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