EID al-Fitr ’17

Happy Eid Guys!

Is it just me or do you all feel like the days are flying by?

Ramadan has come to an end too soon and it’s already EID!

Eid is all about spending the day with my family. We all wake up at dawn, wear our new clothes and head out for prayer. Once back home, we wish each other “Eid Mubarak’ and have a never ending photo session while we wait to hog my moms “Thalassery (it’s a place in Kerala) Mutton Biryani”. And trust me I’m not exaggerating about how scrumptious it is. Then we get eidi from our elders, which is also one of the perks for us ‘kids’. 😛 Our relatives come over and the day just goes by like that.

Heres a back story about my outfit.

So I always buy my outfit really early instead of stressing the last week of Ramadan running around looking for the perfect one. But this year, I took my time in finding it and one day I was just scrolling through my explore page on Instagram (it’s the most interesting part of the app lol) I found a picture of this beautiful pink jalabiya with floral embroidery. And I just knew this has to be my eid outfit. It’s very different from what I usually wear and why stick to the usual? This jalabiya is very flow-y since its chiffon material and there’s the beautiful floral embroidery detail on the puffy sleeves and sides. It also came with a tie which gave it more of a gown look.

Dress – AMRI FASHIONS in Ajman / Heels – New Look / Scarf – Random store in Deira.

Check out their Official Instagram page – @amrifashions

Click the link and SHOP THE LOOK.





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